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Powerful new mobile devices confuse users January 20, 2009

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There were a couple of articles of interest on the BBC website. The first was written about two weeks ago and was about Advanced Risc Machines and the chips that they put into mobile devices. Maybe the acronym of that company’s name will ring a bell. An estimation given says that for every 10 chips you rip out of a mobile device, chances are that eight of those chips were made by ARM. 

The current family of chips is known as the Arm 11 chips, which have about 11 times the processing power of the Arm 7 chip of 1993. An ARM spokesman was quoted as saying that “the Cortex A9 series will have 30-100 times the processing power of those 1993 era chips”. The Cortex is a new family of chips that will be coming into use soon. Devices that will be powered by the Cortex chip are seen as a viable competitor to netbooks. A good point made in the article is that many have failed to build a truly portable media device.

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